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Mobile Reach the heart of your audience…

...where we will explore the world of mobile – the one device your audiences can’t live without. Places are free but limited.

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Event Information:

Friday 12th November

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10am - 1pm

Please feel free to come and join us from 9am for registration and coffee.

The Queens Hotel, Leeds

Conveniently located at Leeds
Railway Station.

It's time to make mobile
a priority...

Find a student who doesn’t have a mobile – and you have found someone quite unusual. A mobile phone is akin to a life support system and is the one piece of technology that students have with them 24/7. Students use mobile to engage socially, share, surf, talk, text, stream and consume more and more media.

When asked which they would prefer to lose – their mobile or their TV, over 80% said they would happily lose their TV. Given the reliance on mobile for almost every activity in their lives, why wouldn’t educational organisations use it to attract and engage new students?

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The speakers:

Students are more receptive to mobile marketing than any other demographic group.
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