Pre-Clearing Packages

Created specifically for promotion between now and July. The brand awareness-focused advertising will target those students and parents to keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.

If these packages do not suit your requirements, please let us know and we can create a bespoke campaign.

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Experian Partnership

All Pre-Clearing packages include data from our partnership with Experian, a global leader in audience profiling, giving us access to over 50 million UK adult's data to ensure we are providing you with the very best targeting capabilities.

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Low Pre-Clearing Package

The purpose of this package is to increase brand awareness to all relevant people in the geographic area, encouraging viewers to think of your university on the build-up to Clearing with the ability to target specific interests and behaviours.

Showcase your brand through a variety of creative opportunities across different devices. Ideal for driving engagement to your brand.

Medium Pre-Clearing Package

This package offers even further targeting capabilities, incorporating the geographic, keyword, contextual and demographic features we provide, with the ability to utilise our global blacklist. Ideal for reaching those highly engaged students and parents whilst gaining insight into particular markets through our Experian partnership.

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High Pre-Clearing Package

This is our ultimate package. It incorporates all the targeting options available, ensuring specific increase in brand awareness to only the most highly relevant people in an incredibly well-defined geographic area, encouraging the viewer to think of your University on the build-up to clearing, aided by the ability to plug into our Experian partnership to provide unparalleled targeting capabilities. 

Benefit from a variety of creative opportunities using either video, native or rich media across different devices to ensure your campaign drives engagement and growth to your brand.

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